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Tori BinieckiOwner / Coach

Our owner/trainer, Tori, has a B.S. in Exercise Science from Grand Valley State University, is CPT certified, and competes in bodybuilding in the NPC division. She loves making connections with clients and helping them realize their full potential when it comes to health and fitness. To her, exercise and nutrition play the largest roles in a healthy lifestyle and she adores teaching people about both.

Favorite exercises: Sumo Deadlift, Lateral Raises, Sissy Squats

Favorite workout style: Bodybuilding

James GotchCoach

Our trainer, James, has a B.S. in Exercise Science from North Central College and is CPT certified. His favorite thing about training is making a lasting impact on people’s lives. He finds helping members work hard to accomplish their goals is truly rewarding.

Favorite exercises: Box jumps, Ladders, Sled Sprints

Favorite workout style: Anything that challenges him athletically

Lindsey LoatsCoach

Our trainer, Lindsey, is CPT and IYCA certified with 10+ years of experience in the field of Health and Wellness. She wants to change people’s perspective of what a healthy lifestyle actually looks like. For her, seeing an individual go from hating a workout to loving it, or even liking it, is the best!

Favorite exercises: Turkish get ups, Burpees

Favorite workout style: Group fitness classes, but enjoys any way to stay active

Cam NeedhamCoach

Our trainer, Cam, has a B.S. in Kinesiology from Northern Illinois University and is a competitive Elite Class powerlifter. He enjoys any type of gym atmosphere, especially working with people who are constantly striving to be better. A gym full of people pushing each other to improve and achieve their goals is where he wants to be.

Favorite exercises: Barbell Squats, Bench, Deadlift

Favorite workout style: Powerlifting

Amie LangusYoga Instructor

Our yoga instructor, Amie, has completed her 200-hour Yoga Training with Abhyaasa yoga and a 50-hour Aerial Yoga Training. Her favorite part of teaching/training clients is the look of pure joy when someone accomplishes something they never thought possible. She feels that it’s almost like you can see confidence building in their eyes.

Favorite exercises: Split Squats, Yoga

Favorite workout style: Lifting 3x per week and yoga 5 days per week

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