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We Train SMARTer

Who is SSF

SSF is dedicated to providing programming that will challenge individuals yet can be easily modified for any fitness level, from novice to advanced. Our main focus, group circuit training, leads members through a 45-minute workout incorporating strength-training, cardio, and core. These classes will be sure to make you sweat, while increasing muscular strength in the process. We also offer 1 on 1 personal training, nutrition services, weight loss services, senior fitness, open gym time, and mobility/flexibility sessions.

At Smart Strength Fitness we strive to not be labeled "just another gym". We want all of our members to know just how much they mean to us and we do that by producing results and forming friendships. By joining the SSF team you aren't just joining a place to get your daily workout in, you are part of a community; a community that is dedicated, hard-working, and motivating. Welcome to SSF.


SSF Circuit Training:

Designed to test your strength and endurance, this 45-minute circuit based workout will have you dripping sweat and feeling accomplished. We’ve designed a unique body part focused schedule in which we train upper body, lower body, and full body twice a week. With this split you can effectively build muscle, decrease body fat, and improve cardiovascular endurance. Here at SSF, we train SMARTer.

Aerial Yoga:

Taking all of the amazing health benefits from your standard yoga practice and adding an exciting and adventurous twist, we’ve now introduced Aerial Yoga to Smart Strength Fitness! This hour long practice combines strength components from our SSF Circuit Training and the zen you crave from a traditional yoga class. Our instructor, Amie, will take you through various different poses and techniques using a fabric splint that hangs about 3 feet from the floor. Aerial Yoga is fantastic for increasing range of motion, decompressing and lengthening the spine, and significantly improving flexibility and mobility. Give it a try!

Kid’s Class:

Saturday afternoons we offer a class tailored just towards the kids! They get to participate in their very own mini-circuit and work on improving their stamina, strength, and cardio health. We finish up this class with a fun game planned by one of our trainers and a healthy snack to take with them.

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